Planetside 2 Fistivus Results!

Thank you for everyone who attended the 2016 Fistivus!  It was a blast as always.

The contestants this year were: Grokk, DirtDiver, Homer, Crimson, Squirrel, InsaneG, myself, and our special guest star, Arminus.

Knife Fighting Tournaments:
Champion: Grokk
Second: Squirrel

Pistol Duels:
Champion: Squirrel
Second: Dirtdiver

Harasser Derby:
Champion: InsaneG
Second: Rathe

Galaxy Derby:
Champion: Grokk
Second: InsaneG

Race to Enemy Warp Gate and Back:
Champion: Rathe
Second: Dirtdiver
Third: Arminus

It was a blast!  Till Next year!  Remember, tomorrow is our Ark Fistivus Events!