Ark Server Refresh

We have started a fresh new ark server. We did this because no one had been on the server in over three and a half weeks and we wanted to try out some mods.
1. Shigo Islands
2. Eco RP Decor
3. ACM 2.6.3
4. Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture
To Download these to play go to Steam. Select Ark from your library. Scroll down until you see Browse Workshop. Search for each of these items and subscribe. After a short download you will then need to load ark. It’ll take a few minutes for all of them to install into their directory after which you will be able to play.

2 thoughts on “Ark Server Refresh

  1. Hi. My wife and I have been playing your server for a couple of months now and were really enjoying it. We were doing pretty well for ourselves and, in fact, we were just playing on this server last week………..we’re honestly pretty bummed after we got as far as we did. Is there anyway you could at least restore our levels? We know you can’t restore our dinos or anything but we’d like to continue playing this server. We just really don’t want to start all over again. Thanks for creating a great server. Thanks

    -BMO and Asuna

    1. I sent you an email in reply to this. My apologies but the server traffic was super poor. Speak to me in game and I will set you two up. Promise, you will enjoy this map and mods much more, only issue you’ll have now is the wife trying to decorate everything.

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