Ark Rules


Names cannot be racist, sexist, or in anyway derogatory.  The owners of the server reserve full rights to change any name deemed inappropriate.  Any attempt to change your name back will result in you being banned from the server.

8x Taming Speed
3x Tool Collection
3x Dino Collection
8x XP Gain
.7 Food and Water Drain

We have one Ragnarok server.

Mod List:
Eco RP Decor
Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture
ACM (Not required to play)
Red Dwarf’s Unlock Hair Mod

Rules of the Server:

  • Obsidian members have priority to the server and non-members will be kicked to make space for joining Obsidian team members.
  • This is a PVP server.  Anyone can be killed at any time.
  • Tamed Dinos can only be killed if they are attacking you.
  • Do not attack taming dinos just to reduce their level.  If you wish to attack and kill the people taming that is fair game.
  • Complete Base destruction is against the rules.  Raiding is fine, destroying a wall or two to get in are fine.  But if you level a base you will be punished.
  • No bases should be built on large resource clusters such as Obsidian or Metal (rocks and trees due to their abundance do not count).  No Build zones include: The Island: Volcano, The Island: Ice Fang Mountain, etc.  Bases built within the no build zones are fair game.
  • Thatch houses are fair game as they are a blight upon the world.
  • Pookie’s Trading Company is off limits for PVP.  Woe to the person who breaks this rule.

Having issues and need an Admin? Use the following form.

Contact Obsidian-ARK Admins

Contact Pookie’s Trading Co.