Pookie’s Trading Co.

Pookie’s Trading Co. is run by Admin, Pookie. No new tribe members are accepted, however I will provide almost anything you need for your Ark Base.

What does Pookie’s Trading Co. offer?

  • Dinos
  • Kibble
  • Fertilized Eggs
  • Wyverns
  • Quetzals
  • Armor
  • Tools
  • Crafting machines/other supplies
  • Crafting services
  • Basic weapons (pikes, bows, crossbows)

I do NOT trade Guns/Arms/Munitions.

Acceptable payment includes, but is not limited to:

  • black pearls
  • pearls
  • metal
  • ingots
  • deathworm horns
  • crystal
  • polymer
  • obsidian

Most prices are open for negotiation with some exceptions.

Wyverns, Wyvern Eggs, and Quetzal prices are NOT negotiable and listed below.

  • Wyvern: 1500 polymer
  • Wyvern Egg: 1000 polymer
  • Quetzal/Quetzal egg: 500 ingots

**All prices subject to change based on my mood and your attitude. If you or your tribe have been aggressive towards me or any of my bases, you will be banned from any PTC trading.