Moved to Discord

We’ve moved from teamspeak and this website to discord.  All news will be posted in our #news channel from Aug 10th onward.

use the contact us link if you need access to discord.


Ark Server Refresh

We have started a fresh new ark server. We did this because no one had been on the server in over three and a half weeks and we wanted to try out some mods.
1. Shigo Islands
2. Eco RP Decor
3. ACM 2.6.3
4. Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture
To Download these to play go to Steam. Select Ark from your library. Scroll down until you see Browse Workshop. Search for each of these items and subscribe. After a short download you will then need to load ark. It’ll take a few minutes for all of them to install into their directory after which you will be able to play.

Planetside 2 Fistivus Results!

Thank you for everyone who attended the 2016 Fistivus!  It was a blast as always.

The contestants this year were: Grokk, DirtDiver, Homer, Crimson, Squirrel, InsaneG, myself, and our special guest star, Arminus.

Knife Fighting Tournaments:
Champion: Grokk
Second: Squirrel

Pistol Duels:
Champion: Squirrel
Second: Dirtdiver

Harasser Derby:
Champion: InsaneG
Second: Rathe

Galaxy Derby:
Champion: Grokk
Second: InsaneG

Race to Enemy Warp Gate and Back:
Champion: Rathe
Second: Dirtdiver
Third: Arminus

It was a blast!  Till Next year!  Remember, tomorrow is our Ark Fistivus Events!