Sea of Thieves – October Update



Sea of Thieves is a game we are watching very closely.  It appears to be like Guns of Icarus but more of an MMO where we would all get to man a ship.  The current estimate for release is early 2017.


Fistivus 2016


Fistivus has traditionally been a Planetside 2 event.  This year we will be expanding it to include Ark and Planetside 2.

Planetside 2 events:
Knife fight, Harasser demolition derby, pistol duel, galaxy demolition derby, and flash race

Ark events:
Pachy jousting, dodo ball, arena combat vs. beast, arena combat vs. people

Exact dates and prizes have not been identified yet.  More details to come soon.

– Rathe

No More Enjin

To save money on our monthly cost I have dropped the Enjin site.  We will be using this site to give information.  We will also be using our facebook group to communicate back and forth.  Don’t have facebook?  Don’t really have an answer for ya.